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Team Bodog Announces New Member – Justin “ZeeJustin” Bonomo

With the preparations for the World Series of Poker (WSOP), many teams are making some changes and to this end, Bodog Life has just announced that the young American poker player Justin “ZeeJustin” Bonomo will be joining their team alongside David Williams, Evelyn Ng, and Jean-Robert Bellande. He will be part of all the Team Bodog online games as well as representing the Bodog brand at all the major tournaments and championships including the WSOP. 

Justin is very excited to be part of the team and revealed that this sponsorship is something he had been dreaming about for a while. He already knows the other team members well and he said that he is extremely happy. Justin is already a feared poker player offline as well as online, and CEO of Morris Mohawk Gaming Group mentioned that he was “thrilled” to have him join their professional elite.

The Bodog lifestyle and brand fit Justine perfectly and with the already $1 million in live tournament earnings he has won, big things are expected from him in the future. He just missed his first major live win at the WSOP Circuit Caesars in Las Vegas, and his new endorsement deal with Bodog is sure to bring in even more solid performances.

Justin broke into the poker circuit when he was just 19, making him the youngest poker player in history to make the televised European Poker Table. He went on to dominate the US poker tournaments when he became legal last year.

To make his official tournament debut for Team Bodog, Justin has his sights set on the WSOP. He aims to at least win a bracelet for the team and admits he will not be sleeping much, taking part in an extensive 25 event schedule. He hopes to play about 16 hours every single day. Talk about dedicated!

Justin’s Poker Tips 

After making a big name for himself in the poker world after just 2 years of playing in the professional circuit, Justin has revealed a bit about his processes and strategies.

“For me, ever since I started playing poker, I’ve been extremely dedicated to learning the game as best as I possibly can. There’s a saying in poker, that it takes five minutes to learn and a lifetime to master. I hate that saying, because I think even with a lifetime, you still can’t master the game – it’s that complicated. I delve into any learning materials I can find, I always discuss hands with friends, and I think because of that, I’ve constantly grown as a player over the years, and I’ve become the strong player I am today. Even with the success I’ve had, I don’t claim that I’ve mastered the game of poker. I’m going to keep the same strategy, trying to make sure that my game keeps growing every single day.”

Allen Cunningham’s First WSOP Circuit Championship Win

crop_481b769f7330f.jpgGoing into the third and final day of the Circuit Championship for the World Series of Poker (WSOP) held at Caesars in Las Vegas, Allen Cunningham was down in the chip stack. Cunningham played as part of Team Full Tilt Pro and was determined to stay in the game, eventually fighting his way back from the 3.5 -1 chip disadvantage in the heads-up final table match. This vigor saw him take the lead, and walk away with his first WSOP Circuit Championship title and a total of US$ 5,000.00.

He will add this to his previous career winnings, which sees him reach and sail passed the $10 million money mark. This achievement not only establishes him as a leading world poker player, but makes him a player to look out for at the finals of the WSOP tournament. There were 334 players in the 3 day Circuit Championship event, and the heads up match Cunningham played was against the young and talented, Ben Fineman.

The final hand started with Fineman raising 80,000 from the button. Cunningham called and after the flop with a Queen of Clubs, King of Clubs and Queen of Diamonds, both checked. A Ten of Clubs was revealed on the turn, after which Cunningham led with 100,000. Fineman was quick to raise it to 400,000, and after a pause, Cunningham announced that he was going all in. Fineman exhaled, checked his chip stack and called. The showdown revealed Cunningham to have a Four and Five of Clubs offering a flush advantage over Fineman who revealed the Ace of Spades and Jack of Diamonds. The river card was an irrelevant Four of Spades, giving Cunningham the pot and the title. Fineman walked away with $ 257, 637 as the runner up.    

WSOP Final Table to Be Delayed Until November

There have been rampant rumors flying around the poker world that the final table for the World Series of Poker Championship (WSOP) due to be played in the July in Las Vegas, will now only be played on the 9th of November 2008. This has now been confirmed.  

The top poker champs will play down to 9 in the main WSOP event in the middle of July and they will then have to wait for a dramatic 4 months to play for the title of World Series of Poker Champion. The final table is due to be aired on ESPN on November 11th when the winner of the WSOP tournament will also be crowned.  

For the rest of the contestants, this means that you too will have to wait until November before you can find out exactly where you place and how much money you will be taking home.  

The big change is thanks to producers at ESPN who hope to improve ratings by heightening the drama and anxiety of the final 9, and by providing everyone with a chance to learn more about the poker players for the big night. ESPN says that they want to create a buzz that will hopefully bring more interest to the sport, especially to viewers who have never watched before. Senior producer Jamie Horowitz also stated, “The champion will be crowned on the day of air and we’re very excited about the change.” 

At the WSOP official press conference held this morning, it was mentioned that all the final table players would be flown back in for the November event along with any family and friends that they wish to invite. The event is supposed to be huge with Hollywood celebrities attending as well as some of the biggest names in poker. Adam Schwartz said that every one of the final 9 has the opportunity to become famous as this is the highest the stakes have been in the history of the WSOP and it will be the biggest poker telecast in history.  

Jamie Horowitz explained once again that the main idea behind the change was to market the WSOP event and ensure that over the 4 month interval, people get to know the players, learn about the game and encourage more sponsors which will only serve to better the game for every player.  

ESPN is also encouraging all the other media groups to cover the event and highlight the players, hold interviews and the like. The aim is to make the WSOP just as big as the Super Bowl.

Recent World Poker Tour Championship Winners Announced

Various World Poker Tour (WPT) events have been taking place over the last few months building up to the grand final championship WPT event on the 26th April 2008.  Holder of 8 WSOP bracelets Erik Seidel, has added yet another title to his belt in that of the Foxwoods Poker Classics, which is one of the WPT events. He took home a total payout of $992,890. Second place went to Robert Richardson. 

At the World Poker Tour finals, however, the title went to David Chiu, WSOP bracelet holder. He came into the final as an underdog and went on to deliver a sterling performance beating the winner of the 4 previous years, Danish pro player Gus Hansen, also known as “The Great Dane”. Hansen seemed to have everything in the bag, eliminating all the other players easily in just 75 minutes at the table.

With only 22 hands being played it looked like it was going to be the shortest WPT in history – until the heads up against Chan. With just Chiu and Hansen left at the table, it was a 5 to 1 chip lead against Chiu. Chiu never gave up though and started accumulating bigger pots slowly eating away at Hansen’s chip stack. He eventually walked away with over 3 million dollars for his efforts and the acclaimed title of World Poker Tour Champion.  

This year was the first time there was an official Ladies Tournament and the overall winner of the WPT championship title was Nancy Todd Tyner after going heads up against previous WPT winner and highly experienced player, Vanessa Selbst. Tyner said she was excited about the result, especially since she is a fairly new player, and that she was a bit concerned going head up with Selbst, as she is one of the best.        


The All Japan Poker Championship kicked off yesterday (Sunday 28th April) as the second of its kind. Although organized gambling of any kind is illegal in the country, officials have found a way around it by asking for no entry fees to the tournament. The winner is set to receive a bracelet and a $10 000 all inclusive seat into the World Series of Poker (WSOP) for 2008 which is to be held in Las Vegas. The All Japan Poker Tour Championship will run until the 18th May in Tokyo.

The inaugural event was held in June last year and was a hit among all Japanese poker players. The poker that is played is a no limit Texas Hold’em game. The event was conceptualized and has been organized by the Global Mix gambling and consulting group who oversee hundred of casino related business, events, and media aspects. The main sponsor is Sega Sammy, an official satellite of the World Series of Poker. They are a company involved in gaming related software and hardware including those for various online gambling sites.   

Anyone wishing to still take part in the main event which will be held on the 18th May needs to qualify in one of the preliminary rounds held on the 11th May and 17th May in Tokyo. There is also a tournament for Seniors, and a separate tournament for Ladies that will be held on the same days as the other events.

Last years winner was Kunihiro Sakimoto who secured a place in the 2007 WSOP event after beating around 2000 poker players to the title. This year there are expected to be even more participants as the event has been heavily publicized in Japan and very much anticipated over the past few months. 

Awesome Promotions at Chan Poker

With the World Series of Poker (WSOP) coming up shortly, there is plenty of hype at all the top online poker sites and this includes the home of Johnny Chan. Johnny Chan is the ultimate poker player and has won two of the WSOP championship titles as well as 10 bracelets. So, it is not surprising that is also getting in on the WSOP action, offering 2 great packages – one for the main event and one for a side event. These packages will both include buy-ins for the events, traveling and spending money, and hotel accommodation at The Venetian Resort, Hotel and Casino.

Another promotion that poker players love to take advantage of on this website is the weekly red orange freeroll. This will give you a $200 freeroll at a specific time every Saturday and all you need to join is at least one player point. It’s as easy as that to win. There is also the awesome daily $50 freeroll and this has no requirements, although at 200 players it is capped.

We also have a reminder about the April reload bonus. You can get a redeposit bonus of 110 % for one time up to $750. You will need to enter the code aprilreload to become eligible. You will also have to earn 8 times the amount of your deposit in player points to receive your bonus. There are lots of other great promotions and poker tips on so make sure you check them all out for more chances to win.

To make things even easier for players to earn money is the new increment system that is being applied to bonus payouts. Instead of waiting ages for your entire bonus to be paid to you, you will now get the bonus in various increments depending on the amount you have won. This will ensure that you get your money out sooner to continue taking part in the hot and happening online poker scene.

The Poker Star European Tour and other news

As we all know the Poker Stars European poker tour just recently ended with the Grand Final at the Monte Carlo Casino. As we might have guessed it was a bumpy and exciting ride, with many people speculating on the winner, and if it will be an American once again. It was reported that the day had to be started early. This was due to the fact that day 4 could not come to a timely end on account of the final table of 8. The first to be sent home on the final table was Rasmussen, with only 20 minutes of game play completed.  

Final game play finally saw the win going to, not an American, but to the new chip leader of the Poker Star European Poker Tour Grand Final, Glen Chorny from Canada. Glen who played a really brave and outstanding game of poker walked away with an astonishing 3 198 500 million dollars, stealing the pot from Denes Kalo.      

At the European Poker tour held recently in San Remo, Jason Mercier came out victorious, after wining £869 000. And to think that he almost opted out to tag along with a few friends to Holland for a little field trip.

In other Poker Stars news 

Poker Stars has recently announced that they are in beta testing of a video site that they hope to launch soon. They said that the site will be available for viewers to watch all the major events online, and that all footage will be in high quality. If you are interested in seeing the soon to launch site, you can catch it at So if you really want to see Chorny’s win, you will be able to find the footage on For other great news stories keep it locked on and you will not miss any of the poker excitement.  

Team Bodog Has A Great Irish Open

The Irish Poker Open was a big event for all players and teams from all over the world, but it was Team Bodog, including Norway player Kai Paulsen who finished fifth, that really caused a stir. With the efforts of Paulsen they brought home 175,000 Euros.

Team Bodog had seven qualifiers in order to make it to the Main Event at the City West Hotel in Dublin. Neil Channing was the overall winner of the Irish Poker Open taking home a total of 800,000 Euros.

For Team Bodog, Timothy Barany from Indiana was the second best players and came in 61st place with prize money of 5,500 Euros.Alwyn Morris, CEO of Morris Mohawk Gaming Group said that Team Bodog did well at the Irish Open and that for Team Bodog 2008 is starting off to be a great year. He said that the team is expected to get even better from here on in.

All seven Team Bodog members qualified in several online games held on during January and February to get into the Irish Poker Open. The qualifying players received a $ 9,000 prize which included all their travel expenses to Dublin, the buy in for the tournament and all the branded Team Bodog Gear.There is no stopping Bodog after this good run and the next big step and getting qualifiers for the World Series of Poker for 2008. There are 4 guaranteed seats up for grabs every week at the Bodog Poker tables for April, and then during May and June the number jumps to 5 seats. The prize package for each main event includes the $10,000 buy-in for the tournament, $2,000 for all the traveling expenses, and official Team Bodog gear.

For more details on Bodog’s online qualifiers for the 2008 WSOP Main Event, visit

Player Earns European Trip

images-pacific-poker-logo.jpgPacific Poker is sending Canadian player Dave Moreau over the Atlantic next month after he won a spot in the European Poker Tour San Remo Tournament.

 Moreau, who plays at Pacific Poker under the name of “dave4008”, earned enough points on the site to earn himself a spoke in the EPT San Remo event, which begins April 1st, 2008. The seat is worth 5,000 Euros.

Moreau just started playing online poker sixth months ago and got serious in the last two months, playing up to for times a week.

The prize package for Moreau, 40, includes the tournament buy-in plus money for travel and hotel stay.

San Remo is a popular resort in Liguria on Italy’s northwest coast. San Remo is also widely accepted as the birthplace of the five-card stud variation “Telesina”. It is dealt like normal five-card stud but with an additional final round where a sixth community card is dealt. The game is played with a stripped deck (8s and better).

Moreau said winning the Pacific freeroll may have gotten him ready for the EPT event. He told that he expects “a lot of European players, and they are usually pretty good players I find.”

The freeroll field included players from Italy, France and Germany. Moreau won in the end against grandp57 from Italy. 

 “My winning hand was A-J against A-2,” Moreau said. “My opponent was on the big blind, so I think I raised about three times the big blind, and then my opponent went all-in, so I called.”

Neither got any help from the flop, the turn or the river, which was a seven.

“I was now getting a lot more nervous, but the river was a seven,” Moreau said. “I then celebrated with my son. I was very excited that I will have the opportunity to play in such a huge tournament such as the San Remo EPT event.”

Moreau said he will be playing even more on Pacific Poker. Who knows where else he could end up with another run through a tournament?

“I think it is a great poker room,” Moreau said about Pacific Poker. “You sometimes get soft competition. The guaranteed tournament pools are very good.”

Moreau is just another success story from the online game rooms and show that with a just a little bit of playing time behind you, any players can find themselves at a high stakes event anywhere in the world.

Poker Tournaments Help Charity

More and more poker tournaments, including some sponsored by Full Tilt Poker, are turning into a great boosts for charities.

High stakes players Todd Brunson and Jennifer Harman recently did their part, raising money for charities that help children with cancer and animal charities as well.

Brunson was the key to $20,000 which went to the Leo Brien Foundation. They operate Camp Okizu, a retreat for children with cancer. Brunson was among the many players and online sites which played on March 13, 2008. Also in the field were World Poker Tour champions Roy “The Oracle” Winston, Hoyt Corkins, Kathy Liebert, Layne Flack and Allen Kessler.

Full Tilt was among the sites which gave out gift bags to competitors.

Doug Fowler won the prize at Brunson’s tournament, a Las Vegas weekend with the Brunsons. Kathy Liebert finished second, taking home a WSOP Academy package and a 1,500-piece Full Tilt Poker chip set.

At her event, Jennifer Harman was raising money for the Nevada chapter of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. She ended up raising more than $30,000 for the animal group at the Jennifer Harman Animal Lovers Poker Tournament. The event was held online and was sponsored by Full Tilt Poker.

Half of the players’ $10 entry fee went to charity and a group of more than 3,000 players signed up. The $15,000 donation of the players was doubled by Full Tilt Poker.

Harman, her husband Marco Traniello, Erik Seidel, Clonie Gowen and Andy Bloch were among the pros from Full Tilt who played in the tournament. Some extreme sports athletes also joined in, including Ross Powers and wakeboarder Parks Bonifay.

Online player “Jzeeee” won the event, which Harman said she will put on again in April. Last year, Harman raised more than $100,000 for the SPCA and she wants to better that mark this year.

The next big charity poker event sure to draw some huge names comes on May 18th, when the Third Celebrity Poker Tournament and Casino Night is held at the Playboy Mansion. All proceeds from the tournament will benefit the Urban Health Institute, a 501(c3) non-profit organization “founded to provide direct care, medicine and medical equipment in response to natural and man-made disasters.”

First prize for the tournament is a $10,000 seat in the World Series of Poker 2008 Main Event. Last year actress and 2007 National Heads-Up Poker Championship semifinalist Shannon Elizabeth won the event. Among the pros to will play this year are Doyle Brunson, Todd Brunson, Pam Brunson, and Hoyt Corkins.